How to add AudioAcrobat to WordPress

Working with AudioAcrobat can be frustrating when you have a WordPress blog.

You can’t just copy the embedded code into your post as it may disappear when you save or publish your post or page.  WordPress strips <iframe> code because it can interfere from the look and feel of the site.

Audio Acrobat wants you to use a link to a blank page with just an embedded player.  However, this takes your visitor away from your site and may be confusing.

Here is another method for embedding the audio right in your WordPress post or page so they don’t leave your site.

NEW Alternative: You can also use these plug-ins to embed the code.  They will hide the MP3 file’s url address for direct downloads.

The advantage of using the method below is that you can setup the look-and-feel of your player within WordPress.  If you ever want to change it, you do so locally in the settings and it will change the look for all the audio you are streaming on your site.

Step 1: Install an Audio Player Plug-In

In order to use this method, you will need to install an audio player plug-in such as WP Audio Player (this is used in the example below).  Customize the look of the player by changing the settings for the plug-in.

Step 2: Get the URL for the download file from Audio Acrobat

To publish the audio in WordPress, you will use the download link for the Audio Acrobat file.

In Audio Acrobat, go to the audio file you want to publish.  Go to the “Publish Audio” tab and click on “Publish Download Link”.  Copy the download link for use in your WordPress blog.

Step 3: Add Audio to your Post

Use the shortcode and download link to add an audio player to your post.

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  1. Hello Ricki, thank you for this information!

    We also recommend to our members that they use the plugin titled, ‘EmbedIt’, which can be acquired here –>

    Instead of modifying the HTML code in the HTML editor, you can embed the iFrame in a custom field when composing a new post/page.

    All you need to do after that is include the custom shortcode provided by the plugin wherever you’d like the player to appear on your self-hosted WordPress site!

    Please feel free to contact us directly for any additional questions at

    Thanks again for sharing this information!

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