Embedding code and iframes on WordPress

For security reasons, WordPress does not allow you to just embed iframes and javascript code into the editor.  When you save or toggle to visual mode, it removes the code.

So how can you add audio and video code to your site and still be able to edit the content?There are several WordPress plug-ins available that will allow you to add embed code to your post or page.

Here are two I have recommended for clients in the past.  These WordPress plug-ins are very easy to use and can work with any 3rd party service including AudioAcrobat, Limelight Networks, etc.

For iFrame embed code: iFrame

For iFrame, you enter shortcodes right into the editor’s content area.
Example: [iframe http://server/page.htm width height]

For Javascript and other embed code: Simple Embed Code

For Artiss Simple Embed Code, you use the custom fields found below the editing area to setup your embed code.  You then use the phrase %CODEx% in your editor as a placeholder so it knows where to insert the embed code on the page or post.  You can enter up to 20 embed codes per page/post (CODE1… CODE20)

For audio streaming: See this post about how you can use WP Audio Player to stream audio MP3 files.

Article Updates:

  • 7/11/2012.  Changed iFrame plug-in from iFrame Embedder to [iframe] because iFrame Embedder has not been updated in over two years.  The iFrame plug-in listed here is used on this site.