Edit Images without Photoshop

You don’t need to purchase expensive software such as Photoshop for basic image editing such as cropping a picture or resizing it for the web.

Take a look at these two free editors, Pixlr (web based) and GIMP (open source, desktop software). 

Pixlr, Free Web-Based Image Editor

Pixlr allows you to:

  • Resize images
  • Crop a photograph
  • Create basic graphics such as Buy Now buttons, Arrows, etc.

There are two free versions of Pixlr.  Pixlr Express is less complex and allows you to do basic image editing.  Use Pixlr Editor to access the more advanced editing features or create your own graphic file.

GIMP, Free Desktop Image Editor

If you are looking for an image editor that installs on your computer instead of using one on your browser, take a look at GIMP.  This free, open source software allows you to do most anything that Photoshop can do.

SnagIt’s Simple Editor

Just wanted to mention… If you own Snagit, you will find it comes with its own basic image editor.

If you want to frame and put a shadow of an image or photo you have, snagit’s editor will do it quickly.  You can then save it and publish it on your website.

1 thought on “Edit Images without Photoshop”

  1. For photos and adding text to them, I can’t recommend Google’s Picasa (http://google.com/picasa) enough. If you have an Intel-based computer (PC or Mac) it’s a breeze to install and get started. You can manage and organize your photos, and then export them all the same size – which is great for when you’re first setting up a site. You can also write text on top of photos, and create “collages” from multiple images. You can’t draw with it yet, so no buttons or arrows and that sort of thing.

    You don’t have to get Picasa Web Albums to be able to use the tool, either.

    Gimp has a pretty steep learning curve – but it does have almost everything that’s in Photoshop, including the steep learning curve. 🙂

    Have you tried Aviary or Picnick? What are your thoughts on those?

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