Above the Fold Marketing

Definition: The text, images, and media on a web page that is displayed in a browser without scrolling down.  The term comes from a mass mailing concept.  A person who opens a marketing letter from the company decides whether to continue to read a letter or piece of literature based on what information is provided on the top part of the paper – above the crease made where the paper is folded so it fits in the envelope.

Above the Fold on Your Web Page

The mass mailing concept can be used on web pages as well.  A visitor to your site decides whether to invest time to read your web page based on what they see on the screen when they click to go there.

According to an article by Kim Krause Berg of Search Engine Land, you have about 3 seconds to convince a visitor to stay.  Make sure the following is visible:

  • Your Company Name
  • Why someone should choose you
  • Why you are better
  • How to Start (your free report or product for signing up)
  • How to Buy

Above the Fold in Your E-Mails

When you design the layout of your e-mails, incorporate the Above the Fold concept.  Most people view e-mails in the preview panels and decide from there whether the e-mail is worth reading more fully.

At the top of your email, you should have such things as:

  • Your company name and logo
  • The title of the newsletter’s topic