In-Bound Link Building

  • Increase the numbers of visitors to your site
  • Increase your Search Engine ranking
  • Establish you as an expert in your field
  • Increase brand recognition

Here are several techniques to increase the number of inbound links you have to your site.

Engaging comments, feedback, and articles attract more visitors to your site than simple messages such as “Great Post!

1.  Fill Out Your Public Profile on all your Networks

Everyone thinks of Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter when it comes to publishing your links, but there are a lot of other networks you are a member of.

  • Instant Messenger Services: Yahoo!, Google, Windows Live, Skype
  • Shopping Sites: Amazon, Borders.  Only do this for shopping sites that you purchase or review products you want others to see.
  • Local Business Networks: BNI, Chamber of Commerce.  Many of these have a member directory online.

2.  Write Constructive Comments in Blogs and Forums

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your blog and website is to actively participate in other sites’ blogs and forums that are specific to your industry or expertise.

Don’t just link to your home page.

Use website links to specific pages or blog posts on your website that pertain to the topic you are commenting on.



3. Actively Participate on Social Networks

The rules are the same whether you are networking in person or on the Internet.  Get actively involved; don’t just advertise your events or services.

Getting involved in discussions with others on the social network increases your exposure.  You have just made yourself known to that person’s social network.

Every time you tweet, post, or answer a question on the social network, a person can click on your id to get to your profile page – and the link to your website.

  • Review and answer questions in your field of expertise asked on LinkedIn’s Answer Center.
  • Post links to informative articles in your field of expertise on Twitter, Facebook, and such.
  • Post on others’ wall in Facebook.

4. Exchange links with your network

Create a preferred partners or resource page on your website.  Speak to people within your network with complementary services about having them put a link on their site and, in return, you will place a link on your site.

5.  Create Product Lists and Review Products on Amazon

Create a list of products on Amazon and submit product reviews for things that pertain to your industry. Fill out the public profile for your account to add a link to your website.

Think of it like another social network.  You are providing useful information to an audience of active purchasers.

6.  Pay-Per-Click and other Paid Advertising

Pay-Per-Click and Banner Advertising get you exposure.  Besides using a service such as Google AdSense, do you own research and contact targeted web site owners to put links on their sites.

Choose an inner page on a website that has content pertaining to what the person is reading from the source web page.

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