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I am a tiny business of one employee (me) and several contractors who come and go depending on the task or project who benefited from the use of a ticket

Why we do we use Siteground and WPEngine

It is overwhelming. There are a ton of web hosting companies available to choose from and there is no way we are familiar with most of them. We really like

In order to take online payments, you will need to setup a payment gateway. Learn what a gateway is, how it processes payments and how to find the best one for your business.

Customize your 404 page and prevent users from landing there.

A person clicks on a link in the search results or on a link on another website and they get this 404 error. The person’s next action? Leave by clicking

What do you need to do to keep your site safe

It seems like attacks on websites are becoming more common.  Many times when I notice a site is down it is because of a DoS / DDoS or Brutal Force

Passphrases are more secure and easier to remember

Stop using complicated passwords that you can’t remember very well.  Use a series of random words instead.  They are much more complicated for programs to break. What is a brute