Custom 404 Page & Redirections

A person clicks on a link in the search results or on a link on another website and they get this 404 error.

The person’s next action? Leave by clicking the back button. For many folks who browse the Internet often, it is almost a subconscious move when they see 404.

There is nothing that entices a person to pause and take a look around.

404 Page Error FAQs

Create a Custom 404 Error Page

If you have a general knowledge of WordPress which includes creating and editing a page and installing a plugin, you may be able to do this yourself.

FIRST: Check if you have a 404 Page Builder already installed.

Before you add a plug-in to create a custom 404 page, take a moment to check and see if you have something installed that will handle this.

Below are a couple of plugins and themes which have custom 404 page ability. They link to help documentation on how to set it up.

If you have a custom theme that was developed for you, please check with your developer as they may have created a template in the theme files to handle 404s.

ALTERNATIVE: Use the Custom 404 WordPress Plugin

The 404page plugin allow you to create a WordPress page and designate it as the 404 error page.