Understanding DoS, DDoS, and Brutal Force Attacks

It seems like attacks on websites are becoming more common.  Many times when I notice a site is down it is because of a DoS / DDoS or Brutal Force attack on the web servers.  Also, I for the first time in 2013 (and it wasn’t just one), I had to fix a hacked WordPress site.  It is why I started using automated scans by Sucuri to check for hacked sites.

This blog post, Understanding Denial of Service and Brutal Force Attacks by Sucuri gives you information on what these attacks are.

Some things you can do to prevent a hack are as follows:

  • Make regular backups and keep WordPress and its plugins up-to-date.
  • Do not have a username, admin.  (We can help you change your username quickly.)
  • Have a difficult password.  Today it is very easy to come up with a long secure password.  It can be three or for words that mean something to you with a space in between.
  • Have a plug-in installed that only allows limited login attempts.
  • Scan your site regularly with Sucuri.