Find out what people are looking at and clicking on

I am not talking about Google Analytics (number of pageviews and such).  I am talking about heatmaps.

I am sure you are familiar with the pictures of human heat signatures in science books where red is the hottest parts of the body (your chest) and blue are the coldest (your hands and feet).  Well, a webpage heatmap uses this same coloring system to represent how popular a button or link on the page is.

  • RED – represents a lot of clicks
  • BLUE – represents few clicks

Unlike Google Analytics, which tells you how popular your page is and how long your visitors stay on your site, heatmaps tell you whether they clicked the button or link at the top of the page, in the sidebar or a link within a paragraph.

Do you have a long squeeze page with multiple buy buttons?  Find out how much of the copy they are reading.  Find out which buy button is the most popular.  Does that squeeze page format really convert prospects?

CrazyEgg, is a great heatmapping service.  You add a small bit of code to your page and it will track a visitor’s behaviour.  In addition to heatmaps, it can track what parts of a page a visitor is reading (based on pauses when a visitor scrolls).

Read this fabulous case study by WPMUDEV on what they discovered using CrazyEgg

IMPORTANT! There is a 90-day free trial link at the bottom of WPMUDEV’s blog post which you cannot get on CrazyEgg’s site.