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Artists’ Portfolio ~ Interactive Google Map ~ Event Schema for SEO ~ Facebook Promotions

About Art for All

In 2020, the Art for All event could not occur in the park because of COVID. Instead, local artists set up their displays in tents on their properties on June 27, 2020. Using a printed brochure or the interactive map on the website, people could drive from home to home to view the artwork, sculptures, jewelry and furniture.

The website will be used in future years to continue to display artist profiles.

NOTE: The addresses and maps were removed after the event to ensure the privacy of the artists.

GOAL #1: Use the website on your phone in your car to get driving directions sent to Google or Apple Maps.

Mobile Optimized

The website was developed with phone use in mind.

Interactive Map

Using the Google Maps plugin, an interactive map was displayed on the website highlighting each location.

Driving Directions

People can click on a website link to open either the Google or Apple Maps App and get driving directions.

GOAL #2: Publicize and generate business for the artists.

Artist Profiles

A profile was created using WordPress’ built-in posts highlighting artwork and how contact information.

Printable Map

An Adobe PDF was developed with a map and driving locations. People could pick up a paper map to use.

Below are screen shot of several pages on the website before the maps and addresses were taken down.

Goal #3: Promote the event on Facebook

Just2Technical not only developed the website, but also setup the Facebook promotions including developing the images highlighting each artist.

Facebook Setup

The Art for All Facebook Page was updated to include a website link and a Facebook Event was created.

Publicity Images

Using Canva, a image profiling each artist was created which was used in posts used to generate interest.

Posts Scheduled

A series of posts with wording and the publicity images were scheduled in the Facebook Publicity Tools to promote the event over 2 weeks.

Behind the Scenes


The colors and logo were developed by Bakers Signs of Iron Mountain, MI and incorporated into the website.

SEO / Event Schema

Event meta data was defined on the home page so that Google and other search engines would list the event.

Built-in Editor

All page content was created using the built-in WordPress editor (Gutenberg).

No custom code was used in the development of this site. Just2Technical uses a “low code, no code” method which makes for a more maintainable site that will last for years.

The WordPress theme is Astra Pro (paid version). The layout, colors, typography and mobile settings were setup using the built-in WordPress Customizr. No code was added to the theme’s function.php or CSS files.

Some of the plugins used to help build this site include:

  • Google Maps Locator Plugin (paid) – Setup the interactive Google Map. A sister plugin, Web 2.0 Directory, which has more features more appropriate for a digital Yellow Pages.
  • Central Color Palette (free) – Allows editors to quickly access the branding colors without searching to the hexcode.
  • Schema Pro (paid) – Setup the website and event metadata used by search engines.
  • Recent Posts Widget Thumbnails (free) – A more advanced recent post widget which allows you to filter your posts and display thumbnails.
  • Ultimate Add-ons for Gutenberg (free) – An add-on to the WordPress built-in editor which has special content blocks and allows you to control typography, padding on a device size basis.

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